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 Miss N
- did't want to go to the hairdresser... so I cut your hair in a bathtub
- wrote 4 stories and illustrated them as well - I love your stories. First week of January they all started with When *** woke up...
- had a playdate with a friend after school. 
- Sometimes it hurts me, seeing you trying so hard to make people around you happy.
- brought puppets from school and showed us a little show

Little B
- started using a potty BIG YAY for you (and for grandad!)
- love your PJ
- dislike gloves so playing with snow is not so fun
- run to frontdoor everytime you hear a bell ring


Oseba Brnistra sporoča …
Bravo mamica, to bodo dragi spomini za tvoje otročke, saj še prehitro pozabimo nekatere dogodivščine.
Oseba *Urška* sporoča …
Lepo,lepo in še enkrat lepo.Trenitek,ki ostane v spominu.
LP Urška