Park pozimi

Gospodična G pri enem svojih najljubših opravil - hranjenju živali. Krasno kapo ima, kaj ne. Res mi je fino uspela.

Miss G feeding ducks. She has a great hat, doesn't she :o) I'm really pleased with the resoult of my one-evening-crochet fun.

Morda niste vedeli. Tudi race se rade drsajo po ledu.

Ducks ice skating - lol

I'll make this blog international :o) Just kidding. But I'll try to write in English too.
Please be patient with me, it will improve... eventually.


Oseba Unknown sporoča …
Lovely photos of a pretty day! I love the birds.
I love these photos of the ducks.

I was so delighted when after a moment or two of scrolling down I realised that you have taken the time to write everything in English too - what an amazingly inclusive and lovely thing to do. (I came over from Emily's Ravenhill blog by the way!)