sreda, 16. julij 2008

Na jug! / To the south!

Jutri zjutraj ob devetih se začne naš težko pričakovani oddih. Jupi! Komaj čakam. Z angleško družino smo zamenali hišo in zelo sem radovedna, kako se bo ta filmska dogodivščina odvijala.
Uživajte in se slišimo čez dva tedna!

Tomorrow morning begins our vacations. Yupi! I can hardly wait. We did a house swap and I'm really curious to experience this only-seen-in-the-cinema fun.
Have a wonderful time, enyoj summer and see you in two weeks!

7 komentarjev:

Anonimni pravi ...

Ooooo, super dogodivščina! Komaj čakam na poročilo. Uživajte! Lp, Mojca

Amy pravi ...

Oh wow, a house swap! I thought that DID only happen in movies! What fun! I hope you enjoy this experience!

Maureen pravi ...

I'm sorry I'm too late for your fantastic give away...
But I hope I am still on time, to wish you all a great vacation.
Enjoy each other :o)

KJ pravi ...

Oh, I love seashells! I have just used them in several posts on my blog!

Its so good to visit you! I am enjoying the sweet treasures that I won through your Giveaway!

I have chosen you and your blog to receive an award. You may simply enjoy it or pass it on. Visit my blog for the details and to see what I wrote about you.

I wanted my readers to discover your wonderful blog.

If you new Giveaway is still going on, please include me.

Hugs from KJ in California

dekca pravi ...

Tole poročilo pa tudi jaz že nestrpno čakam!

Anonimni pravi ...

Bilo je čudovito!!
lp mami

Ravenhill pravi ...

Happy vacation! I am going to be so curious to hear how the house swap goes and how you found it. I would really love to do that sometime too! I am so happy to have time to visit your blog today as I have been so busy lately. I have missed you! the seashells are so pretty this way! There is always so much to look at and enjoy on your blog...
~Emily xxx