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 Little B
- playing with Mammas buttons, they make a great cargo for trucks
- smiling all the time and sometimes throwing yourself on the floor to make a point
- love playing with your sisters, but not always by their rules

Miss N
- drawing all the time
- love having visitors or to be a visitor (Who is coming tonight? Where are we going today? Can I invite a friend over?)
- love teasing your big sister and hate being teased by your big sister
- love your choose for carnival costume! (yes, it is a secret)

Miss G
- an excellent grade put you in an excellent mood
- singing and dancing 'Roar' all the time
- can't wait to get Frozen on DVD
- making a list of friends for your birthday party (in July!)


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Simpatično... je tako fajn prebirati čez par let zapise...
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