Navodilo za izdelavo obleke iz puloverja / Dress out of sweater tutorial

Rada uporabim kaj starega da naredim nekaj novega. Včeraj sem iz pulija naredila obleko za gospodično G. Že nekaj časa sem razmišljala o tem. Med potekom dela sem naredila nekaj fotk in če bi koga zamikalo ponoviti, upam, da mu bodo v pomoč. Če imate kakšna vprašanja, kar na dan z njimi.

I love the idea of taking something old and turning it into something new or taking little bits of what you might normally throw away and making something useful from them. Yesterday I made a dress for Miss G from an old turtle neck sweater of mine. I really love this idea and I decided to take photos of the process. I am just going to leave you with the photos and some descriptions of how this went from A to B . If you have questions I can try and answer them...but otherwise it is what it is...
Korak 1 - v omari poiščite pulover, od katerega bi se z lahkim srcem ločili.
Step 1- Find a sweater you are willing to part with. I used a women's small for almost 3-years old girl.
Korak 2 - Pulover poravnajte po tleh. Jaz sem nanj položila kroj za tuniko, ki mi je bila nekakšna smernica kako odrezat. Lahko bi uporabila tudi otroško majčko.
Step 2 - I put a pattern for a tunic on the sweater just for guideline. I was afraid to make the first cut. You can put a kids vest on.

Korak 3 - Premalo sem odrezala in zato vajo ponovila.
Step 3 - After my first cut it was still to wide, so I have to make some more cutting (white line). The yarn should hold together long enough to get this all done. Just don't go pulling and stretching on it.
Korak 4 - Zašij hrbet in trebuh odrezane obleke skupaj in pazi, da ne sešiješ skupaj tudi lukenj za roke.
Korak 5 - Okolilukenj za roke lahko našiješ okrasni trak; jaz sem le zarobila.
Step 4 - Sew the back and front together (watch the arms holes!)
Step 5 - Sew a lovely ribbon around arm holes. I just hem them. You could sew some applique or make some embroidery.


Oseba Jikkes sporoča …
Nice work and your daughter is so happy with her new dress.

But I really like your carpet ;o))

Have a nice easter!
Oseba Cape Cod Washashore sporoča …
What a wonderful idea! And your little girl looks so pleased with the finished project! =)

I am still waiting for the postman to arrive with your parcel, but please do not worry. I had an envelope from Malta that took nearly one month to arrive here (and it was only a standard-sized envelope). I will let you know as soon as the package arrives! =)

Happy Easter to you and your dear family!
Oseba Unknown sporoča …
Really well done and she is having so much fun wearing it! I have been wanting to do this too! -Happy Easter to you and your loved ones from Emily in Norway
Oseba dekca sporoča …
Tole idejo bom pa tudi jaz ponucala, he he.
Oseba Amy sporoča …
oh my! How did I miis this! Love it. I have two sweaters I have been holding onto and this is just the ticket, but with Spring right around the corner I will wait unitl Fall.
Oseba Carolina sporoča …
Really lovely