Na današnji dan / On today's date

Potepanje po Vipavski dolini.
A trip to Vipava Valley.

Samostan v katerem je služboval Janez Svetokriški
Monastery in which had lived one of great baroque rhetorician, Janez Svetokriški.

* * *
Se opravičujem za tole pozno objavo, ampak moji dnevi zadnje čase niso čisto iz pravljice. No ja lažem, morda bi se lahko povlekle kakšne vzporednice z občutji babice, ki jo je požrl volk ali kaj podobnega.

I'm sorry for my late post, but my life is so far from a fairy tale... oh well, not true - I feel like a granny eaten by a wolf or something.


Oseba Elizabeth sporoča …
oh dear. i hope you have someone to chase the big, bad wolf away for you!

i haven't posted mine yet either. i will - probably on monday.

i did make my top tutorial, though!
Oseba Rumour has it sporoča …
If your life isn´t a fairytale you should make one of it!! :D
But maybe it´s easy to say so; realising might be more difficult, I suppose.
Once you wrote to me that everything is so ´smooth´ in my home, but you should come and see with your own eyes that it isn´t at all!!! :)
I only try to make nice pictures to forget about all the dirt, the messy things, the disorder in some places and children crying and shouting around here... Blogging for me is a kind of ´exit´ for everyday-life and the blogs all over in blogland are for me some places where I can find beauty and peace for my soul! But I´m a normal woman, as you are as well, I think. I too have my difficult moments, times that I wish my kids would disappear for some hours or that I wish we would live in a nice and beautiful home near the water somewhere. But it´s all just a dream, daily life is less dreamy. And so I hope you will be alright again very soon. Take care and know that at least one person here in blogland is thinking about you: me! :D
Hugs, Marjolijn