Končno / Finally

... sem končala nekaj šivalnih projektov.
... is a pile of unfinnished sewing projekt a little lower.

Spalna vreča za gospodično N / Sleeping bag for Miss N

Krilce za tekanjeokoli hiše za gospodično G / Running-around-the-house skirt
Torba za mami. / A bag for mum.
... smo obrezali sadno drevje.
... we pruned fruit trees in our garden.

... imamo v vazi svež šopek odrezanih vej (tokrat hruške).
... we have a fresh bunch of (pear tree) branches on our window. I can't wait to see them in bloom.

... je cel vikend sijalo sonce.
... was the whole weekend sunny.

Nasvidenje do jutri. / See you tomorowGoodbye til tomorrow.
Upam, da ste tudi vi imeli čudovit vikend.
I hope your weekend was as great as ours.


Oseba Cape Cod Washashore sporoča …
What beautiful sewing treasures! I especially love the darling little skirt!

Guess what?! Your BEAUTIFUL bird mobile has arrived! And the gorgeous peacock card! Each little bird and charm on the mobile is safe... it took a slow but very safe journey to America! Thank you so much, Anja! It is beautiful! I think I will be putting it in my little girl's room! =)
Oseba Cape Cod Washashore sporoča …
PS I will take photos of the mobile soon to be showing on my blog. I will tell you when I do. =) Thank you again!
Oseba Jen Glover sporoča …
You mother is so lucky to get that bag! Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing! Blessing from Sunny florida, USA.
Oseba Mel @ Skye Rocket Sews sporoča …
Love the skirt and the bag is fab!
Oseba Unknown sporoča …
Are you making all of these beautiful crafts? Your work is gorgeous!

I wrote this email to you and I wanted to share it with your blog friends:

Hello Anja!

I wanted you to know that I received my beautiful necklace many weeks ago and I LOVE IT! It is so unique and beautiful! I will cherish it!

I apologize for not writing sooner. I remember that you were going to make it and I received it several weeks after the contest was over. I kept thinking that I wanted to write you a thank-you note and I was always away from my computer. Thanks so very much for your generosity and for being willing to send my gift over such a distance! You are wonderfully sweet!

Many hugs, KJ
(Karen June Miller - California - United States)