A very sad story

I'll tell you a very sad story about little bear names Sai

Bear Sai lived under a big pine tree. Every mornig he woku up at a bird song and in the evening a gentle wind sang him a lullabay. He was a very happy bear with lots of friends.
But one day, there was no bird song when he woke up. Instead he heard a scary rumbling of a dredger. There were also man shouting.
Sai hide himself into the deapest courner of his home. He closed his eyes and waited. The floor were shaking and he was trembling of fear and saddnes.
Few hours later everything went quite. Sai opened his eyes. The air was heavy. It smelled of smoke, fresh cut wood and resin.
He went outside. The dust and grief watered his eyes. The tears went down his snout.
He sat on the sad remains of a once big and trusted friend. Sai quitely said goodbye to his devastated home. He knew he can't stay there.
He didn't look back when he was leaving. He wanted to remember the home as it aonce was. Green and loving.


Oseba Sarah Sullivan sporoča …
Ohhhhh - poor bear - that's so sad. I hope he finds a better home!!! Is there more to the story??? Sarah
Oseba Unknown sporoča …
I am shedding a few tears here... the poor dear sweet bear! Well told and he is delightful!
Oseba Elizabeth sporoča …
what a sweet little bear. i hope he soon has a little girl or boy to love him and snuggle him into a cozy bed and take him on walks and give him a happy home!
Oseba Cassie sporoča …
That IS sad.