nedelja, 03. februar 2008

Gosenica in Metuljčica / Caterpillar and Butterfly

To je bilo pa zabavno!
Moji dve deklici sta bili našemljeni v malo gosenico in metuljčico.
Gosenica ni ravno navdušena. Saj bo kmalu zrasla v metuljčico.

That was fun!
My girls in their costumes. Caterpillar is not very happy. Hey, that's life.
Soon she'll be a butterfly and life will be ... oh well easier or at least more quiet.

4 komentarji:

Tonje pravi ...

That caterpillar costume is just FABULOUS!! I love it! Did you make it yourself?

Anja pravi ...

I have some problems answering on comments. Oh well, I have still a lot to learn.
Yes, I make it. I used s sleepingbag for the pattern.

Lappesola pravi ...

I love the caterpillar costume. Well done!
Hugs from Sol in Norway

Connie Carpenter Macko pravi ...

what sweet costumes for your girls! very lovely.