sreda, 12. november 2008

Tista zadeva s trakom... / That thing with the ribbon...

... je torbica. No, en le ena, cel kup torbic. Sprva se mi je zdelo, da je ta šivalni projekt bolj primeren za deklice... zelo sem se motila. Tudi dečki so bili navdušeni nad njim in v poziranju z novimi torbicami prav nič ne zaostajajo za svojimi sošolkami :o)

... is a little bag. Well, not just one, a whole class of bags. First I thought that this is more a girl project, but it turned out to be very interesting for boys also. They love to pose in their new achivement as much as the girls :o)

Zadeva je zelo enostavna. Za eno trobico potrebujete kos filca v velikosti 18 x 38 cm. Razdelite na tretjine (približno).
Filc je dobro prej zlikati, če ne drugega izgleda na fotki lepše :o)
Zašijete dve tretjini po desnem in levem robu skupaj.

It's a really simple project. You need a piece of felt (18 x 38 cm). It is wise to iron the felt first. It looks much nicer on photo... :o) Fold it on thirds. Sew two thirds together on left and right edge.

Na zadnjo tretjino našijete gumbe. Pod gumbe lahko položite podložke iz filca (krogce, rožice...)
On third part sew some buttons. You can put pieces of felt (different shapes -circles, flowers...) under the buttons.

Na koncu prišijte še trak in torbica je gotova.
At the end sew a ribbon so your kid can carry a new bag on his/ her shoulders.
Veliko zabave vam želim!
Have fun!

4 komentarji:

Anonimni pravi ...

Torbice iz filca so krasno darilo za miklavža, kajen.
LP m.

Amy pravi ...

i am a bit behind on my blog reading. Lovely little bag, and so great to get the little one invloved!

Elizabeth pravi ...

you have the greatest ideas! i think my niece would love one of these for Christmas. and i think that my nephews would like them as well - if they are masculine enough. *smile*

Ravenhill pravi ...

I am catching up on my blog reading too! I have missed yours so much. My little ones have both been sick so much this fall and my shop has been keeping me busy with any spare seconds... This is such a lovely post! I love the beautiful things you make! That trim is so pretty and love it with the button!
~Emily in Norway