petek, 27. marec 2009

Na današnji dan... / On today's date...

Hmmmm, le kaj smo počeli aprila 2006?

Hmmm, I wonder where were we on April 2006?

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Something White pravi ...

Dear Anja, thank you very much for your visit! I see there´s Spring in your country as well! :D
I think I´ve something for you here... would you mind to send me your home-address? If not, it´s alright too of course!
my mail:

Best greetings and a good weekend!

K pravi ...

Joj, si me ustrašila, sem morala še 1x preveriti na koledarju, da ni slučajno že april :D

Anja pravi ...

Ne, ne, nič bat, moram malo prej objavit leto, da imamo dovolj časa poiskat prave slike.

Regina pravi ...

Hi Anja
Loveley picture.I like Spring!!!
But here is the weather not friendly
It's rain !
I wish you a nice weekend!!!!

david santos pravi ...

Really beautiful posting!!! Nice flower and pretty colours.
Happy Day!

Elizabeth pravi ...

oh, springtime. are you ever coming to minnesota? you look lovely at anja's!

..... Carmen pravi ...

Just hopped over to see what year April was going to bring :) I'll have to go dig through everything and see where I was in 2006! Your April 2006 looks incredibly lovely and spring like!